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Feeling stuck in spite of years of spiritual work and study?

April 01, 20244 min read

So…is it possible that you feel stuck because you can see that you don’t have it all fully figured out yet?  And is it possible that you’re not actually supposed to arrive anywhere before you get to step up and begin helping those you are here for?. - Lilli Badcock


Here you are again.  Back in that place of feeling completely lost and stuck.  The years you’ve spent working on yourself and gaining clarity and insight feels totally pointless because in this moment right now you feel like you’re right back where you started.

Lost.  Disconnected.  Stuck.

Why does it feel like each time you manage to get a little further along, you get pinged back to the beginning as if you’re on a bungee rope?

What is the point of all of this and how are you supposed to help all of those others you feel called to help when you can’t even get out of the gate yourself.

Feeling Stuck

Maybe you’re just kidding yourself.  Maybe you scrolled Instagram one time too many and you convinced yourself that a life of happiness and freedom is yours, when really it’s just not meant for you.  After all, if this was meant for you, wouldn’t it feel easier than this?

You’ve seen so many others around you walk this path and get to the other side, achieving all that you set out to achieve and in less time with more ease!  So why?  Why are you the one who is still stood here stuck?  Why them and not you?

The first time this happened you got straight back up.  After all, successful people hang on when everyone else let’s go right?  But now with every wave that knocks you down, it’s getting harder and harder to recover.

You’re exhausted!

If this is you and if you’re sat here right now wondering how on earth I could possibly know all of this on such a deep level, it’s because it’s me too!  And no matter how far along this path I seem to go, I can still find myself falling back into the belief that I’m back at square one and no further ahead.

But of course that’s only one way of seeing it.  Stuck is a perception, not a truth.  If you feel stuck, it’s because that’s how you are choosing to perceive the current situation.

Now, I can’t speak for you, but I can speak for me, and perhaps in doing that I’ll be able to help you feel a little less lost.

There are probably a million reasons why I have fallen into this place over the years.  But something I uncovered more recently was a deep belief that I had to have all of this figured out BEFORE I could help anyone else.  In fact, I remember clearly the moment I decided that I was going to build this business back in 2015 and I said that I would be my first client.

Whilst that’s not strictly incorrect - I am definitely helping lots of people who mirror the versions of me through the years - that little declaration had me stuck for years!  Why?  Because I kept recognising that I wasn’t ‘there’ yet.  No matter how far forward I went along the path, I could still see so much I still had to learn and I made that mean that I couldn’t help anyone else.

So…is it possible that you feel stuck because you can see that you don’t have it all fully figured out yet?  And is it possible that you’re not actually supposed to arrive anywhere before you get to step up and begin helping those you are here for?

I know in my case that the very best things I’ve created have come when I create FROM my place of struggle.  Because even when I’m struggling, I am really f-ing good at helping others find clarity.  And guess what?  The more I help others in this way, the more I receive the guidance I needed to move forward too!

We are all connected!  Wouldn’t it make sense that as a spiritually awakening entrepreneur, you would be asked to walk the exact same path you are here to help others navigate?

So stop looking at your challenges like blocks and instead see them for what they are!  Your FUEL!

Write a post and talk about what is holding you back today!

Jump on a livestream and talk about that resistance that’s had you sat on your ass for hours!

Share FROM your chaos!

This is the new way!  This is why you can’t resonate with those polished accounts on instagram or anyone who portrays life as this picture perfect experience.

There is a reason you need to see the mess behind the scenes!  Because this is where you do your greatest work!  And this is where your greatest transformation lies!

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Lilli Badcock

Lilli is a Spiritual Mentor and Sound Reiki Master who specialises in helping her clients to restore lost faith and hope whilst reigniting passion, joy and purpose.

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