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Stop Looking For The Blueprint You Are Here To Create!

March 14, 20244 min read

There are no chosen ones. No golden child. I like to believe we are all fragments of one whole. We each carry a unique magic that is absolutely needed but the magic can only be accessed when we are all brought back together..” - Lilli Badcock


Do you ever get utterly sick of your own BS?

Do you ever wonder how many times you are going to have to face the same challenges over and over again before your soul actually gets the memo and learns the lesson?

Do you secretly hate the fact that you can be SO inspiring and create epic change and transformation for others but yet you stay stuck in the same place?

Maybe your worst fear is that you're just not meant to win the way you help others to win. Maybe you were sent as a necessary casualty of the larger awakening that is taking place.


Stop Looking For The Blueprint

Oh don't get me wrong...I've had the same thoughts myself but then I think really? You REALLY think you're that feckin' special that the ENTIRE world gets to be awakened and expanded but not you? ;-). Ego at it's finest! Ha ha!

No love...the expansion is for all of us BUT we were never meant to do it alone. There are no chosen ones. No golden child. I like to believe we are all fragments of one whole. We each carry a unique magic that is absolutely needed but the magic can only be accessed when we are all brought back together.

Guess what kills that shit quicker than me at a gig when someone requests Abba*? ;-). Yep...the belief that you don't know. That you are lost and disconnected. Because what does THAT lead to? It leads to you (me, US) ignoring our inner wisdom and instead trawling the internet for someone else to give us the answers!

Here's what's true...

1. You were divinely created for a PURPOSE.

2. Your passion and joy is the direct route to that purpose.

3. You have been guided every step of the way.

But when you forget that you are being guided, you will very quickly start to believe that you're lost. You will ask the questions but you won't hear the answers because you've already decided they're not coming. So instead you try to follow someone else's blueprint on how to do life and yes, even business. You see everyone around you getting the epic results and you wonder what's wrong with you! This confirms your deepest fear that peace, joy and contentment is possible for everyone else but not for you.

If this is hitting you in the feels, then this blog post is your loving reminder that you are meant to forge your own path! The reason nothing seems to work is because you are not trusting your own inner guidance! And I get it...that feels scary and risky. After all, who says? Who says you are called to this deep transformational work? Who says that what you see and feel in your heart is actually real? No one does. It's your deep inner knowing, and until you are able to fully trust in that and act accordingly, you will continue to feel stifled, hidden and disconnected!

Stop looking for the blueprint you were put here to create! Instead, follow these steps:

  1. Daily grounding* and inner focus. Make space for your guidance to speak.

  2. Get out of your head and into action, even if what you're being asked to do feels nuts!

  3. Lean on support from others only AFTER you have tuned in and listened to your own guidance.

Here's the thing...we don't know everything. We couldn't know everything! And so of course we must learn from each other and specifically those who have achieved what we feel called to create in our own lives. But when we place more focus on listening to others over listening to ourselves, we won't reap the rewards, even if what they are sharing is gold!

Hopefully you're getting this now...you have to tune in and trust what you are being shown. Trust your feelings, trust your nudges, trust yourself!

Disclaimer: I have nothing against Abba. But after several years of working in a tribute band I'm all Abba'd out! Don't come for me! ;-)

**Unsure what grounding actually means and how to do it? There is a new blog post coming soon so watch this space! I'll link back to it here when it's done.

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Lilli Badcock

Lilli is a Spiritual Mentor and Sound Reiki Master who specialises in helping her clients to restore lost faith and hope whilst reigniting passion, joy and purpose.

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