About Lilli...

"Lilli gets it! There's so much BS and fluffy hype out there it's hard to know who to buy from... Lilli walks her walk, says it as it is, and she's a deep soul with incredible natural talent for really nurturing your soul! Her voice literally activates your energy field!"

Hey I'm Lilli!

Master Sound Healer, Professional Singer, Spiritual Guide and Mentor

The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we are disconnected and on our own. 

The greatest work we can ever do is seek to RECONNECT to our source.  Whether you call that source God, Angels, Universe, Allah or anything else, the truth is you are connected to that at all times. 

You are divinely guided, infinitely loved and absolutely NEVER alone!

Even in the darkest moments of your life, that truth remains.

How do I know? Because in 2020 I fell so deep into that hole I wasn't sure I'd be able to climb back out...

By that point I was a couple of years into my conscious spiritual awakening...

I say conscious because I actually believe we are awakening from the moment we arrive in the world. In fact, some of us arrive awake and then forget who we are but that's for another time...!

I had navigated my way through an Anxiety diagnosis and I had even launched my own business helping others to thrive in spite of their anxiety. As silly as it sounds, I really had started to believe that I had somehow transcended the human experience and that I would live out my days as some enlightened master! Man was I about to have a completely different kind of awakening!

Despite all of this, in the summer of 2020 I found myself curled up in the foetal position, under my duvet, fists clenched and sobs wracking my body. I felt utterly lost. Everything I thought I knew had fallen away. Everything I had ever believed in felt like BS and I was completely questioning everything I had believed to be true about me and my ability to create a real positive change in the world.

I had grown up in a Christian family believing that God was real and that if I just prayed hard enough and did everything right, I would be saved and life would be easy. But here I was in an experience that felt anything BUT that!

At my lowest point I can remember thinking I wasn't intuitive, the signs I thought I was getting from my friend who had passed earlier that year weren't real and that really I was just a very very mentally unwell person. I even remember thinking that everyone around me was aware of this and they just let me believe I was creating something important in the world but really they knew the truth.

In that moment it would have been SO easy to give in!

Oh and I definitely tried to give in! Except, in that same moment, a small voice inside of me whispered "what would feel better than this?" I remember feeling angry at the question! Who cares what would FEEL better! It's all total rubbish anyway!

I continued to push the question down for a few days after that until eventually I thought what the hell...I'll play! I figured that even though I knew I was a lost cause, it would FEEL better if I could believe that I WAS intuitive, that the signs from my friend WERE real and that I really could make a positive difference in the world. And in that moment that's when I realised...I didn't actually have proof for either scenario! I literally just had the choice to believe one or the other!

So I chose to believe what FELT better - and thank God I did!

From that moment I began to prioritise my own energetic health. I began having regular Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy, I began prioritising my own wellness and happiness above and beyond everything else and I was eventually lead to train with The Sound Reiki Institute where I qualified as a Sound Reiki Master, using my voice to heal myself and others from the inside out!

I believe I was brought through my experience so that I could help others navigate the same path. In fact shortly after that experience, I remember having a very vivid vision of being lowered into a dark hole with a rope around my waist. I felt like I was momentarily lowered back into that experience so that I could truly remember how it feels to feel that lost. As lovely as it was skipping through my life believing I was untouchable, it stopped me from being able to communicate authentically with those people I was here to help.

Fast forward to today...

So this is where I'm supposed to tell you that Sound Reiki changed everything and all my problems were solved and I skipped off into the sunset driving my Ferrari and wiping my butt with my bank notes...

But I won't tell you that. I can't tell you that! Firstly I don't have a Ferrari...not sure I'd want one anyway, and as for wiping my butt with bank notes...that just raises way too many hygiene issues for me to get into here!

And anyway...

I learned a truly valuable lesson through all of this, and that is that the purpose of our spiritual journey is not to save us from the pain and suffering of the human existence. It’s so that we can stay grounded in those times so we keep going.

Our sole purpose above and beyond all else is to never give up!

Which brings me to MY purpose - aside from what I just shared...

I am here to make sure that YOU don't give up! Because you came here for a PURPOSE! There is a REASON you are living and breathing on planet earth at this point in time and it sure as shit isn't so that you can spend your days feeling stressed out, frustrated and overwhelmed constantly questioning who you are and why you're here!

Sing To Heal Ltd exists because it is IMPERATIVE you remember who you truly are so you can help those you came here to help and so they can help you - because by the way? This whole guru vibe that's been rocking and rolling for a few years now is SOOO not it!

I believe in the power of community and collaboration! I believe that we stand shoulder to shoulder with each other, each of our unique gifts perfectly complimenting the next one and the next and so on. I believe we have as much to give as we have to take.

And more than anything I believe in YOU and in US!

Together we rise. Together we are stronger!

Lilli is a Professional Singer, Sound Reiki Master and Intuitive Spiritual Guide And Mentor...

Having sung her entire life, Lilli didn't begin officially training her voice until she was 19. This lead to her studying as a Vocal Coach and training in the Speech Level Singing method, working with many of the world's leading voice teachers and experts.

Lilli began singing as a Soloist as well as managing several of her own acts including a Girl Band Tribute and a Funk Soul Trio. She founded her beloved Evolution Choir, which is still going strong today after 17 years and she also worked for several years in a professional Abba Tribute but don't ask her to sing Dancing Queen now...she is all the way over it!

After working as the Vocal Director for a local Performing Arts School, Lilli later took over as the owner and Principal of the school, managing two branches in her local area. This is where she discovered her love for teaching teens and using singing as a tool to help them overcome anxiety and build confidence.

But it was after having her first two children that Lilli really began to personally experience the power of singing for wellbeing...

Following the birth of her two sons, Lilli was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and soon after that found herself navigating anticipatory grief. After being prescribed anti-depressants, Lilli was determined to find alternative ways to manage the symptoms she was experiencing which included heart palpitations, dizziness and uncontrollable rage. After passing out at the wheel of her car whilst driving, she was forced to seek the help of a doctor, which is what lead to her diagnosis.

It was this quest for a holistic answer to her issues that eventually lead Lilli to energy and sound healing and wanting to help others who, like her, were dealing with anxiety and stress and seeking a way to thrive in spite of it.

In 2017 she launched her first podcast, The Confidence Academy Podcast, which was so popular upon release that it ended up on the ITunes New and Noteworthy list and was downloaded in over 30 countries worldwide!

In 2018 Lilli experienced her first of many spiritual awakenings and since that day has been working with guides and mentors from all over the world to help her hone her skills as a powerful Intuitive Healer.

In 2020, after losing a very close friend just as the world was descending into lockdown, Lilli found herself navigating grief once again, which lead to a surge in her spiritual gifts. Having found such comfort from energy healing, Lill qualified as a Sound Reiki Master and began integrating this into her work with singing.

In 2023 Lilli launched her most recent podcast, Let's Talk About Woo, which aims to de-mystify the spiritual and holistic practices that are available to those navigating anxiety, stress, depression and grief. She also officially launched Sing To Heal Ltd as a Wellness Business aimed at helping others to thrive in spite of their challenges with anxiety and stress.

It is these experiences which have allowed Lilli to grow into the powerful Healer, Coach and Mentor she is today.

Lilli is still actively working as a professional Singer and now manages two choirs in her local City as well as growing her online wellness business.

"Having been through the process myself of being diagnosed with a mental health condition, I am all too aware of the strain our health system is under and I know that so many people are struggling right now to hold their faith and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Singing is such a fun yet powerful way to help people understand how to work with their own energy. When we understand that we have the power to help ourselves alongside any medication or therapy we may be accessing, it truly changes the game! It is my aim to help to empower as many people as possible to take back control over their lives so they can reconnect to their purpose, passion and joy!"


What if I can't sing?

Honestly? If I had a pound for every time someone told me that they sounded like a bag of strangled cats when they sing, I'd be a Billionaire! Please believe me when I say...it doesn't matter whether or not you think you can sing! Firstly, almost everyone I have ever met who believed they couldn't sing, was wrong. Perception is a powerful thing! Secondly, even if you're terrible, you can still reap the benefits of singing! Thirdly, if you're not ready to use your own voice, you can benefit from the sound healing I offer where you just lie back and let me sing to you. So there you have it! It doesn't matter one tiny bit! PS: The confidence you'll experience once you overcome those limiting beliefs will spill into every area of your life and you'll be amazed at what you can do then!

What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is defined as the use of music, tones and vibrations to balance and heal the body, mind and spirit. Lilli is a qualified Sound Reiki® Master Healer. Sound Reiki® is a multi-dimensional sound and light healing modality that identifies, clears and heals negative energy cord attachments and helps to promote a deeper sense of health and wellbeing.

What are the benefits?

Singing is now widely recognised as a powerful way to reduce anxiety and stress. But Sing To Heal takes it a step further by integrating the principals of traditional sound healing, which work to align the energetic body and alleviate the physical and mental effects of unprocessed emotions in the body. This, combined with the power of community, is what makes the Sing To Heal method a pioneering modality to help combat anxiety, stress and depression.

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